“Learning feminism from Rwanda” – a performance at the Mainz Theatre

We, the English course 11 LK 2, attended the performance: “Learning feminism from Rwanda” but is it worth watching? And what can it possibly teach us?  

Of course it does not hurt to expand the own knowledge no matter if you like the performance in the end or not.  

 It is sure to say that the play informs young and old generations about the importance of feminism. The performance gets its main purpose across to the audience due to for example different illustrations and props on stage.  

 Secondly it is also a shout out to men to be active feminists and to not have any shame in being or wanting to become a feminist. On the contrary it strengthens their masculinity. Even one of the actors was a man who earned his respect from the audience for coming up with such a form of performance.  

 Lastly it is to mention that the performance highlights the lack of feminism in Germany and elsewhere in comparison to Rwanda. So the intention of the performance is to encourage the audience to stand up for women’s rights and make a change. They successfully do so by including the audience into the performance. Such as a man needing to clean up the stage.  

 To conclude you can say the performance is worth watching since they hold up the audience’s attention by including them and later teaching them about the topic.

Commented by Marie
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